Episode 2: Sagrada


My first official episode, but much like the first page of a book is the cover, I went ahead and labelled this episode 2 just to mess with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

For my first episode, I’ll be talking about one of my favourite games this year, Sagrada, as well as the new 5-6 player expansion. Sagrada was designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu and published by Floodgate Games.

Sagrada plays up to 4 players, and up to 6 with the expansion. Our game group often has 5 players, so this was a really nice addition. Sagrada is beautifully uncomplicated and plays well at all player counts. It even has a solo mode for those wanting to do it yourself!

In the Sagrada base game, you’ll spend 10 rounds drafting dice from a common pool of dice rolled out at the start of each turn and placing them in your window obeying certain play restrictions and trying to gain the most points from your objective cards.  Now with the expansion, you will have your own personal dice pool to draft from as well, this means that there are less dice in the common pool to choose from.

At the end of 10 rounds, you’ll add up your point and see who’s created the most beautiful stained glass window!

I’ve played Sagrada several dozens of times and never gets old, for that reason it has quickly become one of my favourite gateway games for new players, and well loved by seasoned gamers as well. With the expansion that’s even more true.

Lets talk a bit about the way you’ll gain a fair chunk of points. Your personal objective card. In the base game, the personal objective cards were quite obvious to your opponent.

You would gain points based on the combination of pips on a certain colour of die you’d place in your window. After the first round or two, it was quickly apparent to your opponents which colour you were going for if you’ve taken a couple 5’s and 6’s of a certain colour, and based on the fact that this is likely where you’ll get the a good chunk of your points, your opponents could easily hate draft you. With the expansion, they’ve added personal objective cards that are based on die placement rather than colour, which is much harder for your opponent to figure out.

The difficulty of the window patterns, which also means how much help or favour youll get during the game, ranges from 3-6. So you can choose an easier window, or try something a bit more complex. Now, the thing I have to say about this is that I’ve almost never found taking a more difficult window worth it. You’ll get an additonal point in the game for each unspent favour token, but you will also lose a point for each unfilled spot in your window. Typically when I’ve played a 6 window, I’ll have one spot left, unless I’ve been lucky with rolls. However, I almost always have to use a tool card once, if not twice. Which means I’ve lost the benefit of the added bonus at the end of the game.

I know you’re suppose to hand out the windows randomly, but I usually find the game more balanced when each player choose windows with the same difficulty.

Now the other thing that the expansion adds to the game is a different set up rule for different dice counts for the number of players. This is a great change from the base game, and even if you aren’t playing with the expansion, I would recommend the updated rule. What it does is that it allows you to get through the bag at a smaller player count which also means you’ll have the same chance at any of the different coloured dice being taken out of the bag.

Overall, the base game is fantastic in it’s own right, but I love everything that’s been added to the game with the expansion. I’d be hard pressed to play the game without it going forward. It’s not often you find an expansion that simply improves a game without complicating it. The variability and replayability with the expansion has increase, which is never a bad thing, but for me at least, with new private objective cards, this is really is a game changer.

Next week on the board dame well be talking about Century: Eastern Wonders by Plan B Games! Thanks again for listening! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @theboarddame. Please leave me any comments or feedback and what you’d like me to talk about next time!

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