The Board Dame Reviews: Foragers


Foragers is a super light pick up and deliver/action selection game. It is published and designed by Dr Finn Games (Steve Finn), the same designer that made Biblios. It’s a 2-4 player game, and takes about 45 mins to play.

Your objective is to gather fish, bison or fruit and then deliver it to four different tribes through selecting 4 actions each turn from an action card that you will select at the start of the round. The actions available are walking, foraging, eating, discovering, resting, sharing, and picking up a tool.

Aside from gathering food, you can also explore new tiles, expanding the modular board. Thus revealing new resources, including tools. Tools make gathering more efficient.
The game also had a neat little energy track that you could expend to run before selecting an action to move more quickly.

You have to watch out though, if you let your energy run too low, you’ll be susceptible to brawls from an opposing player and they can steal VPs. But don’t fret! You can recuperate that energy by either eating some of what you gathered, or you could sleep.

But don’t keep that food too long, food stored spoils each round based on the number flipped on in the spoil deck. So you definitely have to do a lot of running back and forth to ensure it gets to the tribes before that happens.

All in all, a really solid little pick up and deliver. Not the prettiest game, but who needs pretty when you have wooden cubes!

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