The Board Dame Reviews: Castles of the Mad King Ludwig – Solo

Playing a little Castles of the Mad King Ludwig solo. Went through two games, scored 72 and 71 respectfully. So right smack in the middle of the scoring range for how well I did. Definitely want to keep trying until I can score in that top range!

So it’s not my favourite way to play this game. You lose the ability to move buildings around to benefit yourself when you’re the builder, there are also certain building bonuses that don’t seem worth it. The double action for completing a food room can be decent when you need money for the next round.

And obviously the outdoor spaces. Money is very tight and so completing those is great as you aren’t wasting actions gaining income.

You almost exclusively want to complete sleep rooms so that you can extend the game. Which is beneficial solo, but not always in a multiplayer game because that also means that other players can get more points. In my two games I had 3-4 completed. .

Stairs are also an easy way to get 10 points in the end. My second game I pulled the bonus card that gave me 2 per stair. So each was worth 4 points, that’s 20 for building all 5. Without doing this, there would be no way to score anything close to the top.

I’ll keep trying different strategies to see what works best and follow up! It’s a quick way to play, both games took 20-25 minutes. So if you love a good puzzle and Ludwig, give this a try solo!

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