The Board Dame Reviews: Tiny Epic Zombies

Come at me Zomb!

What an awesome little game. However, I don’t know that I would enjoy playing as the Zombie.

Functionally, you don’t have a lot of choices to make. Your strategy is in anticipating where the survivors will go and placing a card type matching that store. If it matches, you get stronger. If it doesn’t match, nothing changes. However, the survivors can see that as well and try to go somewhere else first. After each turn, you place two zombies to try to ambush the survivors or to force your way into the courtyard by destroying barricades. I wasn’t playing as the zombie but felt bored for the guy that was.

As someone playing a character though, it was awesome! There are so many different options available, and so many different abilities. The characters we chose worked so well together, especially in conjunction with our missions. We were especially lucky to have the lawyer that could spend a bullet to cancel an event. So that saved our hides almost every round.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding about the timer (Zombie Deck) so we weren’t rushing and we lost by one movement. So it’s definitely something to keep in mind. You can lose by the Zombie breaking into the central portion of the mall and killing your survivors or by running out of time from that deck.

In the end, we had no barricades left and no survivors, although, he also had no way of adding more Zombies at that point. So it could have been anyone’s game.

Definitely one of my faves in the Tiny Epic series, and one I can’t wait to play again! I’ll even give it a chance playing the Zombie to see if it’s as boring as it looked.

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