The Board Dame Reviews: Bunny Kingdom


“Bunnies aren’t just cute like everyone supposes. They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses, and what’s with all the carrots!? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway!? Bunnies, bunnies, it must be bunnies!!”

Bunny Kingdom is a card drafting game designed by Richard Garfield, with artwork by Paul Mafayon, and published by IELLO.

Game Length: 40-60 Minutes (average playtime for our group is 60 minutes)

Player Count: 2-4 Players

Game Mechanics: Area Control and Card Drafting

Game Weight: 2.29/5

Thematic Integration: Low. While the theme is super cute and fun, this game could have realistically been any theme. But don’t get me wrong, this theme just sold me.

Artwork: In continuing with the theme comment, this artwork is beyond beautiful. Huge props to Paul Mafayon! Each and every card drafted brings new smiles to my face, even now after many many plays. I love the inclusion of famous characters as bunnies in the game. The thought of a bunny barbarian is just hilarious. Though this isn’t part of the artwork specifically, the names given to each of the characters is beyond adorable. Great job!

Objective: Your objective is to generate the most points by creating fifes (bunny groupings) over 4 rounds.

Game Round Summary: Each round players will play through 3 phases, exploration, construction and harvest.

During the exploration phase, players will draft 10 or 12 cards based on player count. On your turn, you will draft 2 of the 10 or 12 cards, placing them face up,  unless it’s a parchment, then those are played face down. Parchments are for end game scoring and meant to be kept secret.

There are a number of different types of cards played face up. They will either give you a grid location (territory) to place one of your bunnies or a building card. You will need buildings to generate victory points. Victory points are carrots in this game, because what else could bunnies possibly want!

During the constructions phase you will place your buildings/tokens, again, you need buildings to generate points.

During the harvest phase you will calculate your different resources and multiply them by the strength of your fife and that will then generate victory points (carrots)

Components: Card quality and components are great! Especially considering the purchase price.

In the reprint, iello included a game board that was 25% larger. Prior to this, placing tokens and buildings was a real problem. There just wasn’t enough space. So make sure that you’re getting the reprint. If not, I believe you can get a replacement board from iello if you have the first edition.

The only qualm I have with the quality is the finish on the game board itself. Whenever you touch it, it shows grease stains very easily. This is without having greasy hand. Just regular skin seems to muck it up. This doesn’t hurt game play of course.

Scales Based on Player Count:

2 Players – This game plays really well a any player count, even at 2. However there are less chances of being blocked at 2 players. As with any area domination game, you can expect to have an easier time getting the spots you want, so less conflict.

3/4 Players – I’ve grouped these together because they feel very similar to me. Compared to a 2 player game, you will have more competition for spots on the board, making it slightly harder to get the exact spots you want.

To be fair, for an area domination game, it’s not very cutthroat. Even if you don’t get a spot you want, it typically won’t ruin your game, as there are usually other spots available that would give you a similar outcome. Short of some of the end game scoring cards that may specifically require that.

Replayability: I’ve yet to grow bored of this game, you rarely make it through

Overall Thoughts:


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