The Board Dame Reviews: Mechanisms!


“Be the gamiest gamer in this party game designed by Derek Funkhouser, Daniel Zayas and art by Bryce Cook. Use an assortment of component props to get your friends to guess game mechanisms in the poshest game there ever was!”



Game Length: 30+ Minutes

Player Count: 1-8 Players

Game Mechanics: Acting/Miming

Game Weight: No BGG rating yet, however, I would rate this low on the complexity scale as a party game and would be most suited for people that enjoy light party games.

Thematic Integration: High – This game couldn’t have any other theme. It’s the gamer’s game through and through.

Stretch Goals: Each and every stretch goal is based on interactions from the kickstarter community and from social media. The more you want unlocked, the more interactive you have to be. I really like this way of unlocking stretch goals. The game doesn’t have to wrack in 100 times their minimum funding amount to get really great add-ons!

Objective: Be the first to collect 5 points (cards) by getting people to guess the game mechanisms by acting them out with the help of various game components.

Game Round Summary: The clue giver will draw 3 cards, each having a different mechanism (worker placement, tile placement, deck building, acting, etc.).
Using the components provided, the clue giver will try to get other players to guess two of the three mechanisms on their cards.



Each time a clue guesser guesses a mechanism, they gain that card which represents a point. If the active player successfully has people guess two of the three mechanisms drawn, they gain the third card as reward (point).



Artwork: The artwork is minimalist, as any posh game should be! One of the things I love the most about the cards, while not directly related to the artwork, is the inclusion of games based on those mechanics. It’s a great way to learn about new games and new designers you might not have known about. PLUS you can get those designer signatures on the cards to increase their point value. Such a neat inclusion!

Scales Based on Player Count: There will be rules released for solo and 2 player variants during the Kickstarter campaign, so I will come back and touch on that later.

However, as it stands, the more the merrier. The more people guessing, the more chances you have at getting a point as the clue giver. With less people, you’re more likely to gain points as the clue guesser.

Replayability: With 54 different mechanism cards in the base game, sans kickstarter stretch goals, the combinations of mechanisms pulled will mean that you will likely not have the same combination of 3 cards frequently.

Components/Game Contents:

Overall Thoughts: When playing this, it felt similar to how I felt playing Concept. It’s a really good abstract party game.

The only thing I’d have to say negative about this game, and it’s not really a negative, more about knowing your audience. This game is meant to be played with seasoned gamers, or people that know game mechanisms very well. Which is well described in the kickstarter. So I would be really hesitant to introduce this game to new gamers.

During the game play, there were a few mechanisms that some of my players were having trouble with so we found that player aids were very helpful and I would highly recommend that to those that may not know all of the different mechanisms. Even a quick run through of some of the lesser known ones before hand was very helpful!

So all in all, choose your gamers appropriately, the more hipster they are, the better and it’s loads of fun, quick to play and a good way to open discussion about games with your friends. Maybe you’ll even learn about some new games!

Again, be sure to check them out on Kickstarter!!!

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