The Board Dame Talks! The Little Things!

Happy New Year everyone!

This year is the year I work hard on making my dreams happen. I have plans to finish up a game I’m working on and to continue to work on myself and my own personal happiness and growth.

I’ve been holding back on doing a lot of things for the fear of criticism and rejection. But I think we all feel that way. Unfortunately, that little voice holds us back and tells us that we aren’t good enough. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take is cliche AF, but it’s true. What’s the worse that can happen? Someone says no.

No shouldn’t stop you, it should motivate you to be better and to prove someone wrong. That’s my plan for this year, turn nos into yess, do my thing regardless of the approval of others.

What about you? what stood out for you in the last year. What projects are you hoping to accomplish this year?

For me, this was a big year, I changed careers, and took some time off of work to try to make some progress on my little dreams. Including this website, which I’ve been putting off for a long ass time. In addition to that, I got to add my little part to a rulebook of one of my fave games, and my GOTY. Brass Birmingham.

Being part of the Brass Facebook community, I made a really sketchy drawing of what networks are to help people understand and was then later invited to look over the rulebooks and have my description of Networks added. Including my sketchy diagram hahaha.


Seeing the finished product and my name in the rulebook and knowing I was involved, even in the most minute, and maybe meaningless of ways makes me SUPER happy.

Silly? Maybe. But who cares, hold on to all those little things, cause often, it’s the stuff that matters the most! All this to say, hold on to each little accomplishment and good thing. Those are the things that make up a great year and keep you motivated.


2 thoughts on “The Board Dame Talks! The Little Things!

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  1. Are they going to use one of the crowdfunding sites to generate funds for the game?


    I am listed in a couple of games that I helped beta test, but one’s out of print and several of the PC games are from the early 2000s. One of them got me listed on IMDB although you wouldn’t know it unless you know my middle and last name, not my first.


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