The Board Dame’s Contest: King of Tokyo

Hey everyone! I’m cross posting this to my Instagram and Facebook pages.

I’ve got a couple extra promos of Lollibot and an Anubis monster pack for IELLO USA’s King of Tokyo.

King of Tokyo is one of my families favourite games, even with its cutthroat nature, we still manage to have a good time.

Every year at Origins and GenCon I participate in their giant King of Tokyo events. If you goto cons and haven’t had a chance to roll their giant dice, it’s a lot of fun and something you should do!

In a span of two years, I participated in 4 or 5 events to try to win Rozy Pony. Finally I got her with the help of a friend at the event.

Thankfully for you, it won’t be that challenging to win these, no cons, no tournaments, just a couple likes and reposts.

Once we hit 500 likes on Facebook and 1k on instagram, I’ll pick a winner. The contest will run for a minimum of a week.

All you have to do to enter is like either page and post comment tagging someone you like playing King of Tokyo with.

Get an extra entry by posting/tagging me in a photo of you with King of Tokyo!

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