The Board Dame Reviews! Western Legends!

"Will you become an outlaw? Rob the bank, rustle cattle, and steal from other players. Or will you become the Law? Fight bandits, wrangle cattle, and arrest wanted players. Only one thing is for certain: history only remembers the most legendary! How will you write your name on the face of history?" Western Legends is a... Continue Reading →

The Board Dame Strategizes! Root!

So I've been thinking about Root a lot lately, and went back and listened to my initial podcasts and opinions. Don't get me wrong, I still love the game very very very much. But I increasingly dislike playing it with new players. Because of the whack-a-mole aspect of the game, inexperienced players inadvertently let others... Continue Reading →

The Board Dame Reviews: Mechanisms!

"Be the gamiest gamer in this party game designed by Derek Funkhouser, Daniel Zayas and art by Bryce Cook. Use an assortment of component props to get your friends to guess game mechanisms in the poshest game there ever was!" NOW ON KICKSTARTER!!!!   Game Length: 30+ Minutes Player Count: 1-8 Players Game Mechanics: Acting/Miming Game Weight: No BGG... Continue Reading →

The Board Dame Talks

Tonight was my regular game night that I run at my FLGS every Thursday. We had a couple new players and had a blast playing Raiders of the North Sea and Istanbul. Sadly the fun games of the evening were overshadowed by another event. I brought a new girl to our event that was interested... Continue Reading →

Being sick sucks!

Hey all, My apologies for the lack of updates, I've not had the voice to record anything! Hopping this week that'll change. I've got some great things coming up, more solo plays of Root, solo plays of Brass: Birmingham and a learn to play of Spirit Island! Thank you all for tuning into my channel,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Games to Play on Halloween!

Hey all, Halloween is just around the corner and October is the month to do all things spooky! This include playing horror/halloween themed board games. I've played each and every one of these, some are among my fave games for the occasion and that also tend to accomodate a larger player count appropriate for Halloween... Continue Reading →

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